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So you have made the decision to find a Property Manager for your investment property. This will be the biggest decision you will ever make in regards to your investment property or portfolio.

Most importantly, before appointing a Property Manager to look after your property, it is essential to ensure they are compliant with all state & federal requirements, as well as being familiar with the local market place.

The management of a property by a Property Manager is akin to the role of management of any business. Your Property Manager duties include collecting rent, responding to and addressing maintenance issues, periodic inspections and they act as a mediator between yourself and your tenant on a wide range of property-related issues.

Who to appoint as your Property Manager is a decision that should not be rushed into, but rest assured that once the decision is made and the right management team is appointed you should be on your way to enjoy hassle-free income from your investment property.

At Pacific Property Management we fulfil all of these requirements and you can relax as we ensure your investment is being successfully managed.

Please feel free to call at any time and speak with Brett Williams if you have any queries.

Below we have listed extra information on the service we provide and our contact details:

Property Appraisal

Pacific Property Management will take time to appraise your property carefully. It is important to appreciate fully every aspect, feature and benefit of the property to determine the achievable rental amount and to assist us to find the right tenant for you.

We thoroughly research the market to establish comparisons between your property and those currently for rent and recently leased to arrive at an achievable rental amount.

Leaders in Technology

Pacific Property Management is dedicated to providing the most technically advanced systems for our landlords and prospective guests.

Our marketing systems include the most extensive use of the Internet, with shots showcasing the property and location at its best advantage on our website. When a property is loaded onto our website, it is exposed for viewing by prospective tenants that may be seeking property both locally and from afar.

In addition to your property being listed on our web site it will also be listed on   which is Australia's most visited real estate web site plus .

Tenant Selection

As a result with Pacific Property Managements good name & central location, obtaining rental applications is relatively easy, however we are extremely particular with whom we select to rent your property.

We check their ability to pay rent, proof of income, identification, check all references and verify that the tenant can maintain the property to all required standards. At all times however, you have the final say on who rents your property and the final terms and conditions.

Rent Increases

Pacific Property Management will appraise the rent at the end of each lease also at routine inspections. If the lease allows for an increase, and it is warranted, we will implement a rent increase, after all it is important to be on par with the market.


As part of our Management Agreement, you may choose to have your maintenance items attended to by our tradespeople or have us supervise your nominated tradespeople.


One matter that should be drawn to your attention is the necessity of having adequate insurance cover. This should include cover for the building against all perils, contents cover for carpets, light fittings ect, public liability cover, and you may also choose to take out a landlord’s protection cover - details of which can be provided by our office.

Customer Care

While the care of your property is our highest priority, it is from our experience that we understand the importance of customer care. When we commence a tenancy, the rapport that we build with your new tenant is of paramount importance, and ultimately reflects on the attitude they have toward their new home.

This often creates the difference between having a reasonably good tenant and having an exceptional tenant. After all we need tenants and want them to feel appreciated. This very basic concept builds rapport with our tenants and it is proven that they are more vigilant in the manner in which they maintain your property.

Our Commitment to You... Our Client

We are competent and caring about the manner in which we care for your property. We consider the management of your property to be a personal commitment. As managers of your greatest asset, we understand the importance of keeping you informed of the status of your property and your tenant. We are committed to providing you with full updates and written reports of your property on a regular basis.

and finally...

We look forward to working with you toward achieving the very best results for you. If at any time you have questions or any of our professional team can be of assistance in any further way, please feel free to contact us directly at any time.

Our Fees

Management Fee

Letting Fee
Routine inspections
Negotiating rent variation
Negotiate Lease Renewal
Applying for Tribunal
Servicing a notice/summons
Attending Tribunal
Tenant Invoices
Annual I & E statement

8.8% (GST inclusive)

Equivalent to 1 weeks rent (plus GST)
$33.00(GST Inclusive)
$88.00 per relet (GST inclusive)
$55.00 (GST inclusive)
at cost
at cost
$55.00 per hour (GST inclusive)
3.3% per invoice(GST inclusive)
$5.50 (GST inclusive)
$16.50 (GST inclusive)

Kind Regards

Brett Williams LREA

Pacific Property Management Pty Ltd

 Phone: 02 6652 1466  Mobile: 0411 576 539

Email: [email protected]

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